3D Puzzles 34.6" LED Titanic Ship

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Lighting 3D Puzzle RMS Titanic Sail at NightRecreating majestic cruise at night with a scale of 1:305. Keep the menory floating forever. Lighting effect with 85 LED bulbs located under...
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Titanic 3D Puzzle with LED lights
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jose luna torrez
Thank you

Es divertido me encanto! Muchas gracias

Jay D
Looks Great and fun to build

Im the person who could make an evening out of assembling Ikea furniture and having a good time, some music or a TV show playing, take my time with it, etc. If thats you then these puzzles are perfect. I see some people complaining about how long it takes to make and I think those people are missing the point. This one looks great on the shelf though and is narrow so its easy to display on a wall shelf. It looks great lit up.

Kira Nichole
Such a cool gift idea for titanic lovers!

My wife is totally obsessed with the Titanic and has been for as long as I have known her. She also loves puzzles, so when I saw this, I knew this was going to be a great win!First of all, I dont know why I have never thought of this before, and I'm glad someone did. I haven't seen the finished product yet, as my wife is still assembling it, but so far it is stunning. It is very realistic and initially from looking at it, you would never guess it was a puzzle.Speaking of it being a puzzle, I rated this as not easy to assemble, but as a good thing. This is challenging. I know because my wife still hasnt completed it and usually it only takes her a few days. Puzzle lovers that need a challenge should absolutely give this (or another 3d puzzle that's not titanic) a try.We haven't tested the LED lights, as we are waiting until it is done being put together as the coup de grasse, but I cant imagine it will be disappointing.Absolutely worth the money!

Mishael Rozar
Great Customer Service

No one likes eating crow and admitting they were wrong but I will. I tried assembling this and I could not get some of the slots to match up. I tried, my mom tried, my dad tried. None of us could figure it out and we had tried everything or so we thought. I left a bad review and requested a return. The seller sent me a very polite email in which they pointed out the reason I couldnt get the pieces to connect. They even included pictures of the instructions highlighting what they were talking about which really helped because Im a visual learner. They were super helpful, and more importantly, totally right. Im so glad they reached and am excited to continue. Im definitely going to be more attentive while putting it together. Dont try to rush this. Enjoy it and pay attention.

Fun to play with and the outcome is absolutely beautiful

Everything is well made and pretty. Instruction book is clear and well written. It took me about 11 hours to finish assembly and here are a few lessons I learned:1. Do NOT do it on the floor. Your back will complain a lot if you do.2. Do it somewhere with good lights. Or else your eyes will complain.3. Punch all interlocking holes before assembly and found something good to do the punch. I used things coming out of the holes (long ones) but would probably find something better if I have to do it again.4. Follow the instructions, especially while wiring the lights. Picture 1 and picture 3 are the correct wirings for two trickiest layers of light and picture 2 showed the wrong wiring ( which I had to redo to picture 3 because the layer above it would not fit well with it being wiring like picture 2.One thing that can be improved is to shorten some of the wires. Half of my time was spent on wire and re-wire the lights.Overall, it's fun to play with, especially staying home during the pandemic. And the outcome is absolutely beautiful. It will make a great gift.Edited to add: I see some comments complain about things do not fit. If something does not seem to fit, make sure you are putting them in the right hole. Everything fits great on mine but there were a couple places that I could not push in at the beginning but they all turned out that I tried to put them in the wrong holes.

Rooney Belle
The lighting on the finished project is gorgeous! Worth the effort!

This puzzle was very enjoyable to put together. Im quite impressed at the quality and how lifelike the end result is. And when you turn it on at night, the lights are simply beautiful. I will say that working with the wiring proved to be a little frustrating at times, but it was doable, and you definitely dont need any kind of electrical experience. Just a good roll of Scotch tape, some decent lighting and a lot of patience. But the end result is so worth the effort. I included a video of what the boat looks like in the dark with the lights on so that you can hopefully see all the detail and also how large it is when it is complete (that was also a surprise). Im not exactly sure what Im going to do with it now that I have it all put together, but I was mainly going for the experience anyways. Highly, highly recommend, but definitely not for little kids.

W Talbot
Take your time

Instructions were easy to understand and the model was fun to put together. The wires with built-in LEDs had at least twice as much space between LEDs than was needed and the length from the point where the various strings merged to the first LED of each string was too short - such that the first LED or two often remained inside the model rather than making it to where the string was supposed to be installed. The fact that each string had more LEDs than were required helped. Parts of the hull pieces were a tight fit and if the tab and slot were not aligned just right the first time the tab tended to split and bend. Besides those few issues the finished product is well worth the effort.

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3D Puzzles 34.6" LED Titanic Ship
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