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Montessori busy book for kids to develop learning skills

Montessori busy book for kids to develop learning skills

Race Tracks Car Adventure Toys Playsets

Best for tummy time!

I wish I bought this sooner! My son loves this for tummy time. It has definitely helped us.

Best toy

My daughter loves it and the Lil dog on top makes sound she stacks them all day

Versatile toy used in bath and beach and kiddos loved the singing topper

Bought two of these for Xmas gifts for a couple of 1 year olds. They went wild over the singing topper piece and loved knocking down the stack after parents built the tower. The toy is small, but so are most 1 year olds which are the ones that will get the most enjoyment from this type of toy. Each cup has "drip holes" so they don't retain any water and thus have been fun in the bath as well.


I am sorry but I can not rate this items as it is for my Grandsons Birthday which is not until March 11th


it is very nice, and my little cousin would like it very much!

So fun!!

My 7-year old daughter was so excited when this arrived and has so much fun with it! She keeps busy transforming it into several different shapes and absolutely loves that it came with a little screwdriver :) It is very well made.

Great Grandson loved it!

Great product

Great musical toy for toddlers

We really love this musical toy because it has multiple options for toddlers to discover. Drums, keyboard and xylophone. We also loved that there were multiple modes, including the animal function. The sticks are neatly tucked into the bottom, which is very helpful so that they're not lost at the bottom of a toy box. Great toy!

Beach Sand Toys Bath Toy Kit
SunflowersN Bluebirds
Too cute

My kids have taken these to the river, played outside with them, and used them in our water table. They are all holding up great and my children love them.

Huge hit!

Used a small pool to make a temporary sandbox for visiting nephew and niece and wanted some cool toys. These were great! Three year old had a grand time, and so did the supervising adults. One year old wasnt ecstatic about the feel of the sand, but by next year.?
Anyway, they were a good deal, survived round one, and fun was had by all.

Indoor play

Bought this and some kinetic sand . Put it in a large bin for my grands to play at my house during COVID-19. They love it !

Beach Sand Toys Bath Toy Kit
Corrie E. Hamilton
Great set!

Love the colours and quality for the price! Great creative set.

Beach Sand Toys Bath Toy Kit
Theresa Michalowski

Perfect beach set and we even use some of the toys for the bath.

Gift for grandson

This was a gift for our 2 1/2 yr old grandson who loves trucks. This is the 3rd type toy we have given him and he plays with them all the time. Great idea for kids who love their trucks.

Great birthday gift for my nephew

My nephew absolutely loved the toys. Combination of the friction and pull back cars are really nice.

These are great!

I have 2 very rough little boys who like to crash there cars and run them into the walls. Theses have turned out to be very sturdy. I now have 3 so yah a great buy that didnt break a day later. Win win ??

Lets play!

Bought for my three year old grandson for Christmas. Its surprisingly sturdy for the price! Hes very tough on his toys and its all still in perfect condition and has so far outplayed other, more expensive toys bought by others at the same time.

Great toy for price.

Such a great toy for my nephew. Will keep him entertained for a long time.

great gift for an active toddler

very nice features for toddlers
good for fine motor skills
nice quality for the price
very colorful and seems sturdy enough

Xmas gift

Dont know yet as its a Xmas gift

69-hole colorful light hand-held bubble machine

Cute toy!

My 10 month old daughter seems to really like chasing after this dinosaur. Lights up, makes noises and moves which definitely keeps a baby entertained. Cute toy!