How to Set up Peace Defender Robot Toys

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Are you tired of your kids watching TV? Tired of them playing with the same toys? I think we have found the best STEM toy to spark creativity and develop hand-eye coordination in kids!


This take-apart robot toy consists of 5 take-a-part vehicles, all cars can be completely dismantled into car parts and transformed into a big robot or assemble into five separate cars. Once it was transformed into a robot, there is a button on the top of the robot head that kids can press and active the flashing lights and realistic robot sounds, which enhances imagination and creative play for kids.

Weve also listed some of the features of this Peace Defender Robot:

1. No batteries needed. There’s no worry about running out of battery or getting tired of changing batteries.
2. Coming with a hand screwdriver and large screws, it allows kids to set up and take apart the robot car set themself. It’s great for achieving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination which will have a solid impact on their academic, sports, and life skills in the future.
3. By trying to figure out how to match the pieces and assemble them together, kids will strengthen their frustration tolerance, promote perseverance and learn problem-solving skills, which will turn out very helpful at school and later in their everyday life
4. It works as a perfect STEM toy, which enhances kids’ imagination and creative play. 5 separate cars have moveable wheels for kids to push and go. Fun for kids playing around with their little companion.

Let's see whats in the box:

peace defender robot

How to set up hahaland robot toys:

We’ve also attached detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.
Download Peace Defender Robot Instructions

Your kids may need your little help for the first time, after that, he’ll be able to create the robot himself! The 5 small cars can be disassembled and assembled too. Kids would enjoy disassembling and reassembling the robot.

This robot toy car set doesn’t have remote control and your little one has to manually push their robot. If you’re looking for something that moves by itself with a remote, you don't want this one.

We also have a new version of the 3-in-1 Ultimate Peace Defender, including a car, a plane, and a speedboat. 

If you have any other questions about setting up this robot toy set, feel free to contact us. We’re reachable via Facebook@hahalandkids and Instagram@hahaland_kids

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